Foss Islands Way

Our efforts here were for a time overshadowed by the withdrawal of funding for the daily litter and glass clearance. The state of the path deteriorated markedly but Sustrans, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and York City Council have worked together to set in place a new management strategy. St Nicholas Fields Nature Reserve – which borders thecycle path – has now contracted to care for the path and there has been an immediate and marked improvement in the condition of the path.

Sustrans’s Greener Greenways project has produced a draft Management Plan for the path and St Nicks and York’s Greener Greenways volunteers are now considering ways in which they can work together to implement its recommendations.

In the meantime a group of interns from Joseph Rowntree Foundation worked with St Nicks volunteers to clear and seed the verges alongside the newly re-surfaced pathway. So next spring look out for the wildflowers lining the route. We will also be cooperating with St Nicks on their project to improve the beck that runs alongside the path as a habitat for the water voles that live there.

Funds are also available for improvements to access points along the route.

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