Solar System Greenway

Traffic free from the centre of York, Sustrans’ National Cycle Network Route 65 – also part of the Trans Pennine Trail – heads south towards Selby ( see Sustrans Slow Tours Map ) . Starting from the Millennium Bridge, the Knavesmire race course or the new Askham Bar Park and Ride you will soon reach the Sun. This is the start of a 10 kilometer scale model of the Universe devised and constructed by the University of York. University’s Solar System web page. This year we hope to reinstate the model of the Voyager space probe blown down by freak winds last autumn.

It is also a ‘SINC’ (Site of Interest for Nature Conservancy) a green corridor essential for the migration of species – increasingly important in view of the impact of climate change. This year we are working closely with Urban Buzz   to create habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Thanks to Sustrans ‘Greener Greenways’ we have new volunteers keen to work on this route. As well as the annual task of controlling the invasive Himalayan Balsam we undertake ecological surveys and work with Sustrans Greener Greenways to implement their new Management Plan. We work with Buglifes Urban Buzz project to create pollinator friendly habitats along the path. Under the Ouse Bridge we work with the Tansy Beetle Action Group to protect this delightful bug, unique to Yorks’s river banks.’

The Greenway is also home to Brunswick Organic Nursery and Naburn Station with whom we work closely as well as using their cafes after a hard day’s work.

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