The NCN within York’s boundaries incorporates three areas of woodland – Hurns Gutter, the avenue of trees planted along the Solar System Greenway and Balloon Tree Copse. We are working with Sustrans on a comprehensive management plan for these valuable assets and anyone particularly interested in woodland management would be welcome to join us.

Hurns Gutter – This is mature wet woodland is subject to regular flooding from the Ouse and suffers from invasive Himalayan Balsam.We are working with Treemendous York to extend the woodland as part of the flood retention scheme.

Solar System Greenway – When creating this greenway in 1985, Sustrans workforce planted a varied avenue of trees the entire 6 mile length of the path. This now needs thinning and coppicing. Recently a number of trees have been taken out near Naburn to allow light into areas where wildflower habitats will be created under the Urban Buzz project.

Balloon Tree Copse – This small copse lies alongside the A166 just before Stamford Bridge. Named after the iconic tree that used to stand by the corner of the  road to Buttercrambe, it was bought by Sustrans to provide an off-road link on Route 66 to avoid crossing the busy main road.

In 2013 a team from Brunswick Organic Nursery helped  thin some trees and removed the timber harvested for sale at their nursery shop in Bishopthorpe. Clearings were created and light let in by ‘crown lifting’ and the team then planted native species shrubs to widen the biodiversity of the wood. The path we made last year is clearly well used. A draft Management Plan has been drawn up with the help of Treemendous York and we will be seeking support from the Forestry Commission to implement this plan together with other woodland owned by Sustrans in the York area.

We had a meeting  with local councillors who were keen to support the project but unfortunately it lies outside their jurisdiction. Open this link for details of the proposal project proposal.docx.

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